August 7, 2019 at 4:38 pm | Latest Business News

Income Tax Department conducts search on real estate group in Mumbai

New Delhi: The Income Tax Department conducted Search and Seizure operation on 29.07.2019 on a prominent group involved in Real Estate Development, covering more than 40 premises across Mumbai and Pune.

During the course of search operations, the Department unearthed evidence related to receipt of ‘On Money’ on sale of commercial and residential blocks, bogus unsecured loans were taken, bogus Long Term Capital Gains and various other sham transactions to evade income aggregating to about Rs.700 crore.

The search action has unravelled peculiar transactions wherein by way of accounting jugglery, income on transactions worth about Rs.525 crore has been evaded.  ‘On Money’ receipt on sale of Residential / Commercial Blocks amounting to Rs.100 crore has been corroborated during the search.

During the search, incriminating evidence was unearthed pertaining to modus operandi establishing the introduction of accommodation loans by the group, which have been found to be bogus.

Moreover, the use of entry providers/hawala operators for entries of Long Term Capital Gains by the promoters of this real estate group has been affirmed during the search action.

The action has also resulted in the detection of jewellery worth approximately Rs.14 crore, which is under verification.

The investigation and search action is still in progress.

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