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National Consumer Helpline takes steps to resolve consumer complaints

New Delhi: There is an increase in the number of complaints every year in the National Consumer Helpline set up by the Department of Consumer Affairs. The number of complaints received during the last three years is as given below:


Year Complaints received at National Consumer Helpline
August 2016 to March 2017 2,12,710
April 2017- March 2018 3,98,148
April 2018-March, 2019 4,80,169
Total 10,91,027

The disposal rate is about 90%.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has set up a National Consumer Helpline (NCH) for handling the complaints of the consumers. A consumer can lodge his complaint in the NCH through the toll-free number 1800-11-4000 / 14404, SMS, or online through the portal. “INGRAM” ( The complaints received at the NCH are forwarded to the companies/regulators/ Government Departments concerned for resolution.

For the quicker resolution of consumer complaints, NCH has partnered with more than 500 companies under its convergence programme. The complaints relating to the convergence companies are transferred to them online for resolution. In the event of a complaint not being resolved by a company, the consumer is advised to approach a Consumer Forum of appropriate jurisdiction established under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, a three-tier quasi-judicial mechanism, called Consumer Fora, has been set up at the district, State and National levels to provide simple, speedy and inexpensive redressal to consumer disputes. These quasi-judicial bodies have been empowered to give relief of a specific nature and to award, wherever appropriate, compensation to consumers.

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